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UVDTF Western Girl Ready 2 Roll Gang

UVDTF Western Girl Ready 2 Roll Gang

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UVDTF Ready 2 Roll Gangs are finally here and we are ready to print them for you!

Printed and ready to apply using a professional grade UV printer. No more cutting or  weeding!

NO cup press is required!

You will receive an 11x20 FULL sheet of UVDTF transfers

Please keep in mind we cannot mix and match designs that would be a custom order. This product is what you see is what you get!

-These transfers are waterproof  but not dishwasher safe

- Handwash only and handle with care!

-Can transfer on any hard surface, not for fabrics

Directions are as follows.  

Do not use alcohol wipe. Wipe surface clean.

Run your squeegee over the front and back of  graphic and transfer tape to prevent bubbling in the decals.

Start applying the wrap,  apply the wrap to one side and keep pressing making sure the transfer is straight and even, be extremely careful because once the decal is placed it cannot be removed.  Something to hold the cup in place might be helpful. 

Burnish the decal well into the cup/blank. Make sure it is stuck like chuck! 

Carefully remove transfer tape and enjoy! 

We are not responsible for errors or damage that occurs during application. 


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