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Tumbler Press - Mint

Tumbler Press - Mint

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   + Press with 30oz attachment (fits 30 oz tumblers, 20 oz tumblers, dual lid can cooler/tumblers, dual lid sippy cup tumblers, 10oz lowballs, mugs & so much more)

   + Blank front plaque for sublimation

   + 1 year warranty on the actual press NOT the element the element is a consumable and will need to be replaced after a certain amount of presses.

   + Extra fuses

   + User's manual

   + Inspection/certification


The first thing you want to do is calibrate the press. You will need a heat gun to check the temperature and the instructions come in the box. We are happy to help with that if need be give us a call.

There are two temperature settings on the press. (It flashes temperature and temperature setting)
The first temperature you set is what you would like the element to heat up to. So you are wanting 365 for regular sublimation tumblers. The second setting is what you want the timer to start timing on. So I set mine to 365F same as the first temp. 
It is VERY normal for the press to drop and the timer to not start until it heats back up because you are placing a cold substrate in it. Also it is OK to leave your cup in there until the timer starts. 
We press our cups 365 with 4 increments of 30 secs
 Your pressure DOESN'T have to be tough at all!!!! Low pressure and it wont allow your paper to stick.



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