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Ready To Print DTF 30" GANG SHEET

Ready To Print DTF 30" GANG SHEET

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Please note once custom prints are submitted they are non-refundable. There is a 2-3 business day  turnaround time so please be patient when placing a custom order.

(Business  days means M-F. We don't  print on weekends. )

Please read all instructions before submitting your image to be printed. We print custom direct to film transfers (DTF), adhesive vinyl and sublimation. If you are unsure which one is best for your project please email me with any questions. 

O'Fallon Store and Shipped orders-


No cutting, weeding or masking woot woot!!! Before we begin the printing process we would like to inform you a heat press is required to transfer your DTF!

 Please submit already set up DO NOT MIRROR YOUR IMAGES. Please submit to us the way you want it to read on a shirt. 

Keep in mind the graphic you send is the exact graphic that is printed we do NOT alter words, colors, or do any type of edits! If your file is not sized correctly or is not the exact format we need it will take longer to process and may not be able to get done so please do your research and reach out if you have any questions. 

Upload a PNG gang sheet of your requested size. Keep in mind this is a white ink printer we use and if your image has a white background then it will print that too. No screen shots or watermarks.

DTF (Direct to film)

Can be applied on any cotton or poly blends
Can be applied to any color
Apply at 315F for 20 seconds (lower the heat for polyester)
Heavy pressure
Warm Peel Wait at least 30 secs
Repress for 10 seconds with parchment paper! No teflon or butcher paper please!
Wait 24 hours before washing your garment.    Wash in cold water, inside out, no bleach, no softener, and tumble dry low or hang to dry.   

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