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Princess Elements

Princess Elements

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Material Of Sheet

Semi Clear-  This option is printed on clear vinyl and then a layer of white ink is underneath the design/colored element so this will POP on any color base but the white background in the photo will be transparent! So whatever you place this on the base will show through the clear background! 

Clear Cast-Clear Cast adhesive sheets are very similar to our permanent adhesive patterns yet they are printed on transparent adhesive instead of white.  This way the surface underneath can be seen through the pattern. It gives the pattern a stained glass effect or watercolor effect. The color is not as vibrant as it is when printed on the white base vinyl. Works great over a light glitter base tumbler!

All sheets come 12x12 and are approximate, since we do print in house. These are pattern sheets and nothing will be cut out for you. 

Will not smear with epoxy, this is not a waterslide. Patterns are printed with high quality professional inks. 

No sealing necessary these are printed with high quality professional inks.

Can be used in many cutting machines or used to wrap a tumbler.

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