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Plaid Leopard Trees Collection

Plaid Leopard Trees Collection

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You choose HTV or Adhesive Vinyl. Both are printed with a special eco-solvent ink that is made to last. Adhesive Vinyl is FDC economy brand and has an outdoor durability of 4 years. HTV is printed on Siser Color PU and provides you with all of the great qualities Siser has to offer.

  • Some images are NOT SEAMLESS
  • Sizes are approximate not exact

Cut & Weed Process

  1. Set up design or image on computer in regular reading format. DO NOT MIRROR.
  2. Send to cutter to cut.
  3. Weed normal.
  4. HTV has a special mask that can be placed inside the heat press.
  5. Place your mask over the image (more instructions here), and with the adhesive vinyl you can peel and stick or use any transfer tape you have available.
  6. Press the heat transfer vinyl  at 300°F for 15 seconds at medium pressure.
  7. Peel warm (wait about 5 seconds)
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